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Get Ready to Visit the Gobi Desert


Do you want to begin your trip as a research destination then Mongolia holiday tour package is the best for you to travel in Mongolia and know deeply about its nomadic people and amazing culture and traditions? That’s why you can start your tour from Ulaanbaatar because when you booked your tour to Mongolia from abroad destinations then it can be expensive but if you booked this tour from Ulaanbaatar then it could get the best deal.

I am telling you that because I went with the Mongolia tour package that is organized with Third Eye Travel. And the tour guide was well-behaved and speaks perfect English and all the gears and vehicles they gave me were sufficient and reliable to make my journey comfortable. They also offered me the three times meals per day, unlimited drinking water and snacks, transportation, and sleeping bags that are included in the same price which tour I booked.

With Mongolia holiday tour package I only paid 420$ for 7 days to visit the Khongor sand dunes, Yol Valley, Flaming cliffs, horseback riding, Bayanzag, the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, staying with nomad families, and visiting the Genghis Khan statue.

I think that will look expensive but I had to cover these attractions within seven days that’s why I believe it was reasonable.

What to Pack before going to Mongolia-

If you book your trip with Third Eye Travel then your bag will be lighter because sleeping bags, water, and food are offered by them. Here is given some points that what should you be packed in your bag,

Clothes for the complete trip: Pack one fleece jacket and outer shell jacket, because sometimes sand desert can get cold.

Put some snacks for the ride: Must keep in mind that you will be riding the jeep 5 hours every day, so prepare your food accordingly.

Toilet Paper: It is very important to keep it in your bag because in Gobi desert if you find the proper toilet then it is your luck after all if your luck is not with you then you will be using the toilet paper.

Sunscreen: Put some sunscreen lotions in your bag because you will be visiting in the desert.

Power Bank: It is beneficial to have you in your bag because if you do not have any charged up electronic device then it can be a big problem to communicate. So, must be preparing for every outcome.

Camera: To click the best scenic view as your memorable trip that you can be seen after completing your trip.

Wet wipes: It is the best thing if you do not find out the shower anywhere.

Music and Books: Must keep some books and headphone, because most of the day you will be riding in Jeep, so it will be best for you to your entertain the journey.

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