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Get Some Ideas of Bamboo Products for A Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Now we are becoming more environmentally conscious. That’s why we are shifting more towards organic materials. We use clay, Bamboo, and cotton instead of plastic and synthetic material. It is an excellent step to save our environment. Here we are talking about some bamboo products that can be used daily, and after use, they will be decomposed in nature quickly without making synthetic waste.

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery set

The bamboo cutlery set is handmade and designed by artisans from Vietnam.

Each material is made with premium organic cotton and Bamboo. It is sustainable and durable. If you use them carefully, they will really last for a more extended period. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties. It is the safest non-toxic cooking utensil option.

If you want to stay healthy, try to avoid Teflon-coated utensils and replace them with organic coconut bamboo utensils.

Bamboo dental Floss

Bamboo dental floss is handmade, completely natural, and entirely made with bamboo fiber. It is a suitable replacement for synthetic floss. It is gentle for your oral health but carries a reasonable extent of durability. It easily glides within teeth and gums. When the user is over, you can get through it. It will quickly decompose in nature without leaving environmental hazards.

Bamboo reusable coffee cup

We generally use ceramic or clay coffee cups. But now, the bamboo coffee cup is also an ethnic option. They are highly decorative. Bamboo cups are sustainable and come up with fiber lead. If you serve hot coffee or chocolate drink in a bamboo coffee cup to your guest, it would be appealingYou will get bamboo teapot offline and offline. They are easy to wash, does not break easily, and travel friendly

Bamboo Drinking Straws

Bamboo chopsticks and drinking straws are the best alternatives to plastic straws. Now we are taking small steps to save the environment by shifting to biodegradable material. A bamboo drinking straw is entirely natural and biodegradable. They are reusable, but it won’t hurt your environment if you throw them because they will decompose in nature. It is healthy because it does not contain BPA-like chemicals available in plastic straw and sticks.

Bamboo toothbrush

You can simply swap your plastic toothbrush with an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush. The bamboo toothbrush is made with a soft bristle, gentle for your gum and root, and It has a better grip than a plastic toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrush is BPA free, and very safe for children and old age people. It reduces the chance of gum bleeding and does not affect your tooth enamel. It is biodegradable; when you have used your old brush and are ready to open the new one, give the new meeting to recycle bin.

Bamboo tea infuser tumbler

The bamboo tea infuser tumbler is a new addition to the bamboo product list. It is a good quality thermos to use when communicating to school, office or traveling. It is travel-friendly. You can store both hot and cold beverages and comes with a built-in Stainer, the best option for regular coffee and tea drinker. The bamboo tea infuser tumbler is 100% organic, chemical-free, intoxicating. It is leakproof and has double-walled insulation.

It is lightweight and easy to carry; come up with a coffee cup, so you don’t have to take an extra cup.

Bamboo Kitchen Towel

Replace your synthetic kitchen towel with a bamboo reusable paper towel. These are the must-have zero-waste kitchen equipment because they are washable and reusable. One roll bamboo kitchen towel replaces around 50 paper rolls. It is environment saving and money-saving too. Because you will get bamboo kitchen towel at very affordable price online. Bamboo kitchen towel is super absorbent and soft, suitable for the household requirement.

Bamboo cotton Swab

The bamboo cotton swab is a fantastic alternative to a plastic swab or Q-tip. Plastic is harmful to the environment. So, we should avoid plastic products as much as possible. Plastic is the primary harmful ocean waste. Plastic is devastating for Ocean lives. That’s why we should buy organic products instead of non-biodegradable products.

Bamboo Q tips or bamboo swabs are made of 100% medical-grade cotton and pure bamboo stick. This organic Q-tip is entirely plastic free. The amazing thing is that the packaging is also 100% organic with unbleached, recyclable paper. So, there will be no harmful wastage at all. Organic Bamboo Swab is a Super eco-friendly product.

Bamboo chair and Table

Bamboo is a good alternative to artificial materials. Artificial material is made from harmful chemical components such as formaldehyde, but Bamboo is a natural product with no chemical hazard. Bamboo is a biodegradable and renewable resource with a comparatively fast growth rate. So, Bamboo furniture is more healthier and more environmentally friendly option.

Bamboo furniture comes with a calm and generous appearance. The texture of the surface is clean and smooth, offering a visual sense with a light appearance, which is eye-soothing and expresses an aesthetic decorative effect. Bamboo has heat absorption and moist absorption property. So, it is marvelous in summer and warm in winter. It is just a unique feature of bamboo furniture.

Bamboo furniture is solid and stable. It is solid and durable. Bamboo furniture is made with hydrothermal carbonization, so it is insect resistant. That’s why you can use it for a more extended period of time. Bamboo furniture brings a fresh and rustic style. Chair table or uniform furniture made of bamboo furniture is classic and elegant. They have the capacity to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays.

Bamboo furniture is a good choice for outdoor events. If you want to arrange an outdoor event, take bamboo furniture from furniture hire in LondonYou will get them at an affordable price. People love to enjoy sitting on a bamboo couch because It is super relaxing; it efficiently protects people’s health and brings aesthetic ambiance to your interior decoration. Bamboo furniture has the capacity for sound absorption and sound reduction.

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