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Get time passing without leaving home

During times of social distancing, it is becoming more of a challenge to pass time without leaving the premises of your home. To rally the energy to do a deep clean of the bathroom or to do a clearing of the closet is not easy when knowing that you can´t invite anyone or go to some else’s house. So, what can one do to get the time pass by? Online gaming alone and together over the web is really the thing just now.

There has been a lot of time in the house, for some the past year has meant even working from home. At first it took some time to adjust for some it was hard and some really indulged the whole situation straight away. After that first period of adjustment a period of new normality came followed by sadness and boredom. That is where the tips in here might come in handy.

Internet casino

If you want just to hang out with yourself and just sit down with the perfect amount of excitement that playing at a casino offers. You try your luck at slots with a theme of your preference like cute kittens, travelling or deep-sea diving. Take a look at Gamblingtimes list of safe and legal casinos and see if you find one that you like.

If the slot games don´t do it for you, classic rounds of card might be where you can hang out with others without really meeting them? You can try to play local versions of Blackjack online in India if fancy a go of some traditional games in a modern version


This classic game of cards has hit the internet. Paytm has started to introduce free games to all, and the first one out is this game that most of us have played as kids. It can be played with multiplayer so you can challenge your friends or family for a game and still keep your distance.

8 Ball

Do you miss going to the pool hall hanging out with friends and have good round of pool? Now you can at least challenge a friend of a virtual game. At 8 ball pool you can play with some else independent if you have Apple or Android. The easy-to-use controls turns your phone in to a fine instrument that can take a few try before you master it.

Moksha Patam

Known as snakes and ladders this traditional Indian game has travelled all over the world and are enjoyed in all sorts of ways. Beside the traditional board game it can be enjoyed in amusement parks in South Africa and in playgrounds in England. And now you can play it with your friends over the internet.

Be safe and have fun

Gaming on the internet can be addictive, make sure that you do not spend more money or time doing it than you can spare. If you start feeling guilty or making excuses it is time to take a break. And make sure that the sites that you use are safe and do not give out any information about yourself, your account or any passwords over the internet.

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