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Getting married? Keep these in mind to combat the butterflies in your stomach

Getting nervous and anxious before wedding is a very normal thing. But if you are getting too jittery before your D-day, you should certainly try to deal with it patiently. If you do not fight these, it will make you feel more unwell.

Amidst all the fun, joy and celebrations, weddings can get very stressful. From deciding on the dress that you would wear, to deciding on the honeymoon destination, the list just does not seem to end. The fast approaching wedding day sees the butterflies in the stomach multiply quickly!

The below tips will help you deal with the problem more strongly:

⦁ Run it out: Go for long brisk walks or running every morning and evening. It will help you deviate t=your attention
⦁ Meditate and relax: Do take out some time before the final day, to meditate. This helps the body be calm, de-stressed, and at peace. It will also give you the inner strength to deal with the situation
⦁ Chill with your bestie: Talk all about it to your besties, and you will feel relieved and light hearted
⦁ Take notes from the experienced: I know it might sound funny, but taking advice from married ones does help us understand the picture better
⦁ Assign tasks: The moment you start feeling burdened with work and followups, designate them to other responsible people around.butterflies in stomach when getting married


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