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Gift ideas for new born babies

baby gift ideas

Deciding gifts for babies is an extremely exciting affair. You get to rummage through cute and adorable baby stuff to finally decide on that one gift that you think would be perfect for the baby. As much fun as it sounds, it equally gets a little difficult for some people to make decisions on buying baby products. But here we have sorted a run down on same amazing gift ideas for you to gift to a new baby.

Here are some great ways to welcome a new born baby in this world.

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  1. Play Mats for the Newborns

Play mats have to be the best gift for new born babies because they are a nursery of their own kind. When the kid does not want to sleep or eat, you can lay the child on the play mat and let the baby have some ‘me time’. All the mommies need at least one play mat for their babies because this literally keeps the baby busy and the mom can go do their chores meanwhile. So gifting a play mat would be a wonderful idea for both the baby and the parents. And in the long run, for you too.

  1. Soft New Born Baby Toys

Though a new born baby is less likely to clutch on any toy to play because all that these babies do in their early months on the earth is eat, sleep and cry. And keep repeating the same till they are about 5 to 6 months old when their actual playing starts. But that does not stop you from buying toys for the babies as the toys can always be used later when the kids grow a little bit. So one of the best ideas to but soft toys for babies so that they these toys do not hurt the baby in any way.

  1. A Basket Full of Useful Things for the Baby and The Parents

Gone are the days when people used to gift each other a small box of Johnsons products on the arrival of a baby in their life. Though that box is essentially useful but parents are always over stocked with that because every next person comes holding the same pink or blue box on the baby arrival party. The better substitute to this is a basket full of other essential things that the baby and the parents require. You can send over a big collection of all the things they’re likely to need at a moment’s notice, things like toiletries, laundry detergent, nappy rash cream, and infant safe medicine. All these things make a great gift packed in a basket. And this basket can be made at home by one self as well. You can simply do online shopping baby products for MotherCare Pakistan and get all you need to make the basket.


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