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Giving Money To Beggars: Right or Wrong – Ethics

There are countless numbers of poor men, women and children roaming the streets of every urban and rural setting. These poverty-stricken individuals tend to go about begging on roadsides. Some of them homeless, some weakened by disabilities and diseases,and some perfectly fit and abled. A question arises whether we should lend out a helping hand and give these people money. Let us take the scenario of our own country India.

Nobody should suffer from hunger. People should quench the hunger of the poor. But at the same time giving money to these beggars is wrong. In fact, it is the worst thing you could possibly do to a child beggar. First, for every rupee that we give to a beggar, the more lucrative we make begging and, the less lucrative we make working. Working is productive; begging is a burden and nuisance. Second, there is no guarantee that the beggar who receives the money will spend it for improving his quality of life, instead he might indulge in substance abuse and other crimes. Also, children who we find begging could be forced by criminal groups and kidnappers as means of acquiring money. Some of them are known to amputate a child’s limb or cut out one’s eye. There are many reports of this case in newspapers and TV.

When you donate to a beggar, especially children, it will send the following message: that one can earn without working; laziness is not a sin; there is no need of education; one can become independent at a very young age which leads to indulgence of bad habits and activities. Another reason why we should not give money to beggars is their physical condition. First, we see a physically fit person with no disabilities of any sort sitting in a corner begging for money; the person is definitely in a position to work for himself but the laziness and the thought of earning without working has an influence on him so he decides to roam around and beg.

The person receiving money will lose interest in earning. Not just that, this may encourage others to take to beggary instead of finding a way of earning. This is definitely not good for the society. We must think carefully before encouraging beggary, especially children who are begging.

By: Iarisa Nongbet

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