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GlacialLight Enhances Brightness and Reduces Power Consumption of Pollux LED Panel Light – GL-PL0606-V2 Series

~The Versatile 60cm sized square LED Panel Lights Now Generate Up to 3950 Lumens Using Only 44 watts ~


December 17, 2014 – New Delhi, India – GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., announces the latest addition to its commercial lighting products – the Pollux GL-PL0606-V2 series– is the new thinner, lighter and even more energy efficient version of the versatile LED Panel Light. The Pollux series of Panel Lights offers smooth, even illumination across entire lighting panel. The new 60cm sized GL-PL0606-V2 offers 3 color temperatures options, enhances performance up to 90 lumens per watt, and adds additional mounting options as well as 3-in-1 dimming, making these Panel Lights even more energy efficient and versatile.

Better Quality Light

Compared to traditional fluorescent office lighting, the new Pollux GL-PL0606-V2 offers much better quality, even lighting across its entire lighting surface.The GL-PL0606-V2 produces flicker free light even with AC current thanks to its advanced two-stage LED driver with active PFC. The panel light can come in Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K), or Cool White (5700K) color temperatures to suit various office environments.

Versatile Installation

The GL-PL0606-V2 is now thinner and lighter making it even easier to mount, and new installation options add versatility to this indoor lighting fixture.Recessed (595mm or 600mm with spacer), surface mount, ceiling mount, suspension cable, and clip-on mounting (615mm) options are all available, making it a snap to use the GL-PL0606-V2 as architectural lighting in new buildings, to supplement or replace existing commercial lighting such asfluorescent tube lights or louver lights. 

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

The Pollux GL-PL0606-V2 is RoHS compliant, uses no mercury in its construction, and emits no harmful UV or IR radiation. The bundled LED driver has OTP, OVP and SCP protection for superior electrical safety. With high energy efficiency and a long lifespan of 30,000 hours, it presents an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fluorescent office lighting.


  High system efficacy up to 90 lm/W.

  Recessed, surface mount, ceiling mount, suspension cable, and Clip-on mounting options are all available.

  Elegant structure, slim and light design.

  3 optional color temperatures and 3 sizes available.

  Optional dimming available.

  Ideal replacement for fluorescent tube lights or louver lights.


GL-PL0606-V2 (non-dimmable)
Type GL-PL0606-V2-WW GL-PL0606-V2-NW GL-PL0606-V2-CW
Energy Used 44W
Rated Life 30,000 Hours
Input Voltage 100-240V ACDriver with  Certificate Supports 277V AC for North America only
Power Factor (PF) 0.96 @120V AC, 0.91 @240V AC
CCT (color) 3000K 4000K 5700K
Luminous Flux (lm) 3650 lm 3900 lm 3950 lm
System Efficacy 83 lm/W 89 lm/W 90 lm/W
CRI (Minimum) 80
Beam Angle 110°
Dimension 595 x 595 x 10 mm
IP Rating IP20
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ +40°C
Bundled Driver HS60P-24C1
Net Weight 3.5 Kg (with driver)
Package 4 PCS / Carton
GL-PL0606DA-V2 (DC dimmable : 1-10V/PWM/Resistor)
Type GL-PL0606DA-V2-WW GL-PL0606DA-V2-NW GL-PL0606DA-V2-CW
Energy Used 44W
Rated Life 30,000 Hours
Input Voltage 100-240V AC

Driver with  Certificate Supports 277V AC for North America onlyPower Factor (PF)0.96 @120V AC, 0.91 @240V AC without dimmerCCT (color)3000K4000K5700KLuminous Flux (lm)3650 lm3900 lm3950 lmSystem Efficacy83 lm/W89 lm/W90 lm/WCRI (Minimum)80Beam Angle110°Dimension595 x 595 x 10 mmIP RatingIP20Operation Temperature-20°C ~ +40°CBundled DriverHS60P-24CA1 (for 1-10V/PWM/Resistor)Net Weight3.5 Kg (with driver)Package4 PCS / Carton


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