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Glamorous Wedding Must-Haves

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Ideally, a person gets married once in a lifetime, so it is up to them to make that one day memorable. If you have a wedding planned or you have just gotten engaged, take care not to forget any detail that might ruin the wedding day. It would be silly to have everything planned out and forget to call a photographer to record and take pictures, wouldn’t it? Besides hiring a photographer, there are numerous other items on the to-do list, so it is necessary to have a checklist of all the glamorous details you want to have. In fact, there is a popular shortlist of the most glamorous must-haves a special wedding ought to feature.

The invitations

Wedding planning usually begins by selecting and sending out invitations but a plain white piece of paper is a big no-no. The invitations should be sent by mail in the paper form (no e-mails!) and they should be placed in envelopes. The invitation itself should feature a stylish border and letters printed in a vintage font. There are numerous designs to choose from, some which can even be googled online, and like the entire ceremony, invitations should be everything but ordinary.

The venue

The place where the ceremony will take place is arguably the most important aspect of any wedding. Search far and wide for the ideal venue and be sure to take into consideration all the factors, starting from the types of courses offered, all the way to the number of parking places outside. The location of the venue will depend on the type and size of the wedding you want to have. An intimate ceremony is ideal for a tropical island paradise, while a gala wedding with hundreds of guests can be held in a reception hall outside the town you live in. It really all depends on your preferences and the budget at your disposal.

The right photographer

Most couples make the mistake of hiring the best photographer in the city without even checking have they ever covered a wedding. For instance, National Geography has a pool of excellent photographers but they are experts in wildlife photography and lack the necessary experience to handle a wedding ceremony. This is why you need to hire the best wedding photographer who has attended countless weddings and know exactly what to shoot and when. Such professionals usually have their own agency and the decades-long experience is the best guarantee that the wedding photos will be amazing.

The perfect jewelry

Apart from the tuxedo for the groom and a wedding dress for the bride, there are accessories that can give out a look of opulence, and not just elegance. For the groom, this usually implied wearing a luxurious wristwatch, while things are a bit more complex for the bride. The jewelry doesn’t have to be extravagant and intricate, as a single pair of classy earring can make the bride stand out. Of course, there are also necklaces and bracelet but just don’t put on any extra rings, those come naturally at the end of the ceremony.

The glittery shoewear

Once the dress and jewelry have been taken care of, it is time to turn to the shoes. Normally, no woman would ever decide to wear glittery shoes that would make her stand out but the wedding day is not a normal day. Feel free to be as tacky as you like, since you need to shine from the inside and from the outside that day. This is your Cinderella story and you need to have a pair of shoes to prove it. Like with the dress and the jewelry, there is always the option to rent the shoes, since buying them might prove to be too costly.


All weddings are pretty much the same but don’t forget that this is your wedding so the guests should be aware of this upon arrival. There could be a nice board at the driveway stating who is getting married, accompanied by a photo gallery of your relationship. The shape of the cake could hold a symbol of your love and the selection of songs could reflect your and your spouse’s musical preferences. Finally, napkins with a monogram would be the ultimate touch of glamour!

If you are already going through the trouble to make everything perfect that day, why not make it glamorous as well! By introducing these must-haves, everyone who sees the wedding photos will think how opulent the wedding was.

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