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Gmail won’t work on old Chrome versions; Update your browser

Google has announced that Google Chrome version 53 and earlier will no longer support Gmail. Gmail support in older versions of Chrome will be gradually phased out by the end of this year. To spread awareness, Google will flash a warning message at the top of the Gmail interface on older Chrome versions, telling users to update their Chrome browser. Google has made this announcement via its official blog. This warning message will start appearing on computer screens from February 8, 2017.


Google said that older versions of Chrome have become vulnerable to viruses and malware, which is why they will no longer support Gmail. While highlighting the security risks of older Chrome versions, Google also talked about the beneficial features of new Chrome version. It said that the new Chrome version offers a dramatic speed increase, with webpages loading 28 percent faster across all platforms. The new Chrome version 56 also utilizes much less bandwidth while reloading pages, which will reduce the monthly data usage charges for users. Google has urged users to update their Chrome browser, so that they can keep using Gmail and benefit from the new features.

Experts say that people using Windows XP and Windows Vista will be affected as these Operating Systems will not be able to support the new version of Chrome browser. This is likely to put them at risk of security threats and vulnerabilities.

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