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GMAT Integrated Reasoning – A Comprehensive Overview


You want to get into the top B-school of your choice, and there is one thing between you and your dream – the GMAT. An important section in GMAT is IR. The Integrated Reasoning section (IR) was included in the GMAT back in the year 2012. There was a small doubt, however, whether schools actually look at the IR scores and dig out potential candidates based on the score. The section was so new that even top business schools were in a dilemma while ranking candidates based on it. However, IR is now no longer a mystery. Almost all business schools now expect candidates to have a good score in the IR section.

  • Solving the IR Mystery

Demystifying GMAT IR is no longer a difficult task, there are loads of tutorials and books on how to crack this section with ease. A lot of universities once believed that IR was inappropriate in testing a candidates reasoning skill. The same universities now use the IR score to filter all their candidates. Such is the importance of IR in GMAT. IR is now a standard part in the GMAT test and the admission process into top business schools.

  • How to crack the Integrated Reasoning section?

A lot of candidates tend to not take the IR too seriously. They instead concentrate on the Verbal and Quant sections more. It is important to realise the importance of IR before it’s too late. Keep the following things in mind while taking up the GMAT prep.

  1. Tricky wording – The GMAT is filled with tricky questions with tricky wording. The IR section boasts of being one of the trickiest sections along with Verbal. You should be extremely alert and concentrate on the wording heavily while practicing and taking up the actual exam.
  2. Managing time – A lot of GMAT aspirants tend to spend too much time on a particular section/question, and in turn not perform well in the other sections due to lack of time. You must learn to manage your time to perfection. Practice is key. You must ensure you spend the right amount of time for each question.
  3. Know the Question types well. Knowing and expecting the type of questions you can expect from each section will help you manage your time well. You can plan out your learning and time perfectly if you know the type of questions and sequence.
  4. Focus on essential information –relate to them. Study graphs and other data sheets to analyse and figure out how to answer the IR section. Practice interpreting them, you are bound to ace this section if you can do this.

A solid IR score can hence boost your chances of getting into your dream business schools. All you need is a lot of practice and some tact to ace through this section. You will be under stress to read the questions and answer, but with practice, you can learn to overcome this stress. GMAT is a very importance exam, and it is bound to be a life-changing experience. IR constitutes of a crucial part of GMAT. 

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