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Go digital with entrepreneur Steve Hulford

In the world of entrepreneurship, particularly in the digital media space, the name Steve Hulford needs no introduction. Credited to be the brain behind several entrepreneurial ventures, Steve Hulford has been successfully operating in the data analytics, CRM driven user-engagement, gamification, consumer entertainment, content crowd-sourcing, and video production domain, with a track record of 2 ventures already having been sold.

After having proved his prowess in a diverse range of careers ranging from technical to strategy, Steve rose to fame when he founded Filemobile Inc., a user-generated content software platform, in 2006.

One of the leading organizations to focus on user-generated content tools for media companies, Filemobile Inc. was a pioneer of sorts under the able leadership of Steve Hulford, who is the heart and soul of the business with his palpable zeal and all encompassing role.

By the time it was acquired by Newzulu in 2015, Filemobile Inc. had evolved into a thriving business with a team of 20 employees and notable subscription revenue of around 2.2 million. What made Filemobile click was the expertise it boasted of in the digital domain, a large part of which was monitored and consolidated by Steve himself.

That’s not all. The company did business with established names such as Fox News, Wall Street Journal, iTV, USA Today,Hearst TV, CBC, CTV, Network 10 (AUS), RTS (CH), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Seattle Times etc. amongst its clients.

The success of Filemobile, however, was not new to Steve’s career. In the pasttoo, in 2003, Steve had co-founded a fantasy sports business with Molson Coors as majority owner. He had also co-purchased and then sold another fantasy sports business, PoolExpert, to Rogers in 2008 after having multiplied its revenue 3X.

With his rich cross-functional expertise and hands-on approach, Steve Hulford sure has proved time and again that he has that ‘Midas touch’ as an entrepreneur. And the digital space is where he is making waves right now.

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