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Goa police rescues women locked in home for 15 years

In a case that looks more like the story of a horror movie, a woman in Goa has been kept locked inside a room for 15 years. The women was kept locked in a room in her parents’ home in Candolim village in North Goa. The Goa police has rescued the woman and arrested four members of the family. The police got to know about the woman after an NGO reported the case to the police. The NGO in turn was informed by an anonymous email, which provided the details about the woman being locked in the room. The woman was confined to her room for around 15 years and she had not seen the outside world for that much time. She was being given food and water through a window.

The house is occupied by her two brothers and their wives. All these people have been arrested by the police. They were taken to a court, where they managed to get bail. When police searched the house, they found the woman locked in her room and was naked. She was not willing to go out of the house since she had become accustomed to living in dark. The woman has been admitted to a hospital for medical check-up and treatment.

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