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India, a country of 1.237 billion populations has so many major problems like health, education, employment, poverty, corruption etc. Every other problem could be secondary except Health.
If people would be fit then only then can think about development; Development of themselves, development of society, development of country. For removal of this problem the educated people like us have to come forward.

Before hundreds of year down the line in calendar, the scientific growth was near to null and hence its adverse effect was not there, there were only 1 doctor “Vaidhya ji” who used to do treatment of whole body, but now we have doctors for all parts of our body, like doctor of teeth, doctor of eye, doctor of ear etc… if the same would be the situation then in future we will have doctor of front teeth, doctor of bottom front teeth, doctor of bottom teach, doctor of upper backside teeth, doctor of bottom backside teeth likewise 32 doctors for 32 teeth.  Now, you might ask how and why science is doing it? Take example of capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal it is, in 1984 Methyl isocyanate (MIC) at Union Carbide India Limited and everyone knows how terrible that accident was, even the children born now are being affected by the same. So what should we do? Should we stop all scientific production?

Obviously NO, otherwise our development will stop. The process must be these factories which are dealing with chemicals and other manufacturer units which directly or indirectly affect the environment they must strictly follow the rules that the harming objects which is waste for them must be dissolved first and then to throw or flow in water.

Second point, Use bicycle over motorcycle for short distance and use Bus/ Train over bike for long distance. If we start using public convenience or cycles then the pollution will reduce.

There are so many indirect things which affect our health but we have to make our body as strong as it can fight with any indirect (environment) disease, we can opt for gym, yoga, Exercise, dance, SEX, games and other methods, but we have to primarily focus on our FOOD.

For Because the food creates our body either sick or strong. So I hope we will used to check our food and then eat, it is always advised that to eat any fruit or food in its natural form without any other aided thing. For making #healthyIndia we have to eat vegetables in its natural form.

Eat healthy food be healthy.

Author:  Abhijeet Dhanotiya

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