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It just take few seconds and your close ones to change you . ‘I trust you !’ is not just a sentence it’s one’s  faith and believe which are now  trampled under ones ‘feet . Believe me it’s a viscous circle  ‘ everyone is fake even the believers ‘

Human is a social animal . I don’t know about the rest but I am surely the one. I love meeting new people they excite me . For me they all have different stories , some believe in love but some don’t , some love their friends but some got betrayed , some gets a reason to live and some are still in search of it. But one thing is common , life goes on . Regretting things won’t help , it is  just a waste of time . Let karma do its work and you do yours .  I love reading books but one of my favourites is reading people , knowing their stories and gaining experience  is what I love . Talking over coffee and playing koffee with karan . I love it ! . But I never thought the experience that I  had is not enough to know people well. I  am still not able to figure out whether my prospective was wrong before or now .  But as they say some questions are better to be unanswered not because there is no solution but because repeating the events in your head would only trigger that pain again and again! . Some wounds can’t be healed  and the scars only scares  us to believe again!  . People were my favourite  novel but now I am scared to read the new one .

‘old is gold’  but ‘all that glitters are not gold’ . In between these two phrases my story ends. The conjunction changed everything , I kissed my trust goodbye .

Friends are like wine , it gets better with time . I had the rarest collection of them . They were  my pride. Sometimes I think neither of us were wrong it was just the situation which lead to my hardest goodbye . If I had power to change I would have given my life not my pride instead , but now I feel living alone is my only refuge for happiness .

What would you choose love or friendship ? I thought I was smart enough to handle both  but I forgot life is smartest of all . I  lost both . The intensity was big enough to shatter my heart . The pain was so huge that not even a single drop rolled down . It was like  somebody paused my life.

By: tinna Joshi


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