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Google Announces YouTube Go— a Data-friendly Version of YouTube for Indian Market

Slow internet connection often causes connectivity issues such as constant buffering which is one of the greatest obstacles preventing users from utilizing YouTube’s services to the fullest. In order to combat poor internet connection, tech giant Google has recently announced a novel version of world’s biggest video sharing app YouTube.


YouTube Go, the data-friendly version of YouTube will be launched in India with certain fresh features that will help Android smartphone users save their internet data while watching videos on the app.

YouTube Go is the upshot of a survey around YouTube app conducted by Team Google in the urban as well as the rural areas of India. The research carried out by the team revealed that a majority of YouTube users in India are disgruntled with the video app as it was not consistent owing to slow connectivity. Another major problem reported by the users was of excessive data consumption. In order to sort out these issues, a new version of the video sharing app was designed to be launched in the country.

YouTube Go comes with a fresh interface and aims to provide you with a better user experience so that you can watch videos online without the slightest interruption. The unique features of the app help it function smoothly on smartphones with slow connectivity and even zero connectivity with almost no buffering. The key features of this cost-effective app are mentioned below:

  • Comes with a resolution option so that users can choose a video resolution of their choice depending on the data available to them.
  • The preview feature will provide users with the information about the size of the video before it is played, thus, saving data and time.
  • The offline option will enable users to download video/videos to their smartphone or a storage card.
  • YouTube Go will enable users to share videos offline instantaneously via Bluetooth, without the need of being connected to the internet.
  • Initially, YouTube Go will be available in 10 Indian regional languages.

The app will be available on Google Play Store by next year and will be available only to the Indian Android users. Though YouTube Go will initially cater only to the Indian market, the app will be soon launched in other countries too. Google intends to take all possible measures to further enrich the product before launching the new version of the video app globally.

By Monalisa Biswas

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