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Google begins testing its autonomous cars; free rides for users

Google’s autonomous car project has reached its final phase, wherein it will be letting users drive its self-driving cars. The project was in testing phase for the last 10 years. The autonomous cars called Waymo will now be available for testing for residents of Phoenix. Anyone who wants to try these autonomous cars can sign-up to use them. It is a free offer, which would be a great incentive for users. For the final test phase, 500 customized Chrysler Pacifica minivans will be offered to the general public.

Till now, only Google employees and contractors were involved in the testing of the autonomous vehicles. Now, the general public will get to experience the delights of technology. By letting the general public use its autonomous cars, Google will be able to gather significant amount of data related to peoples’ experiences. It will help the company identify new problems and fix them. It will pave the way for the commercialization of autonomous car technology.

Speaking on the development, Waymo’s chief executive officer John Krafcik said, “We’re at the point when it’s really important to find how real people, outside the Google environment, will use this technology. Our goal is that they will use this for all their transportation needs. Waymo is letting people across parts of the Phoenix metropolitan area apply for the service as part of an “early rider program.”

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