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Google in the dock, as it tries to suppress gender discrimination case

Google has often claimed that it has been able to eliminate gender pay gap across all its global locations through the use of innovative compensation models, but a recent report reveals otherwise. The report alleges that Google has tried to suppress a gender discrimination case filed by the US Department of Labor. The DoL has alleged that Google failed to provide the salary history and contact details of employees during an audit being conducted by the US government. DoL says that this amounted to violation of federal laws. During the court case, Google argued that the case stands on weak ground and should be dismissed.

DoL has demanded Google to provide the salary details of employees, but Google countered the demand by saying that it would be a violation of its workers’ policy. The report also says that Google tried to limit media scrutiny in the case by requesting the court to conduct the proceedings away from media glare. However, this was strongly opposed by the DoL attorney, post which, the judge dismissed Google’s request. Experts said that Google’s aggressive stand on the matter may reveal that not everything may be right at the company.

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