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Google Rolls Out its Smart Messaging App ‘Allo’

1Google, known for its innovative practices has recently launched a smart messaging app— Google Allo. This app has been launched worldwide and is accessible to both Android and iOS smartphone users. The exceptional features of this messaging app make it stand out as the most promising app in the market today.

Here is a Glimpse into Google Allo’s Novel Features—
A Wider Variety of Emojis and Trendy Stickers: Google Allo aims to enable its users to express themselves in a better way. Thus, the app is loaded with numerous emojis and downloadable stickers specially designed to help users express their ideas and emotions while chatting.

Doodle feature: Allo enables its users to spice up their images by scribbling on them. Moreover, it also allows you to add text to your photos.

Smart-reply feature: This feature helps you by recommending words and emojis to include in your chat sessions. Based on your individuality and chatting behaviour, the app suggests emojis and words that you use frequently for replying to your text messages; for example: “great or Gr8”, “Hahaha or ROFL”, and so on.

Incognito mode chat: Though Allo does not feature end-to-end encryption by default, it does offer an ‘Incognito mode’ feature to protect the privacy of your online conversations. Google Allo’s Incognito mode offers you with three additional privacy features— (i) Message Expiration (ii) End-to-end encryption and (iii) Discreet notifications.

Google Assistant: This is one of the most remarkable features of Google Allo. The key function of Google Assistant is to help Allo users make plans with their friends. For instance, if you are planning a coffee date with someone special, Google Assistant helps you by suggesting the best coffee shops located in your preferred neighbourhood. Besides this, another interesting attribute of Google Assistant it that you can enjoy a one-on-one conversation with it and also ask it to translate words, search videos for you, send weather updates, plan a trip, or recite poems to you.
What’s more, Google Allo also enables you to send text messages via SMS to your contacts that are not yet using this app.The only drawback of the app is that unlike other popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage, Google Allo does not send chat notifications to your desktop, and is accessible only on your smartphone.
All-in-all Google Allo is indeed a unique message app that every mobile app lover should try at least once; and once you try the app, you will certainly be hooked! 2

By: Monalisa Biswas

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