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Gorakhpur tragedy: Oxygen supplier’s premises raided; Hospital chief fired from job

With the death toll in Gorakhpur tragedy reaching 63 in the last one week, the UP government is doing everything it can to contain the situation and carry out damage control. Till now, 63 children are reported to have died at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College. Earlier, it was reported that the deaths of the children had occurred due to lack of oxygen supply, but now the UP government is saying that it was not due to lack of oxygen. However, the UP government admits that there has been some negligence and it would be taking action against the people responsible for the tragedy. The government’s first move was to sack the Chief of the hospital. This was in line with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s no-tolerance to lackadaisical approach to official responsibilities. The sacked principal of the medical college has accepted his responsibility for the deaths of the children and has resigned from the job.

The UP government has also taken action against the agency that was supposed to supply oxygen to the hospital. The premises of the agency were raided today to ascertain the reasons why it failed to supply the oxygen. The agency has alleged that its dues were not paid by the hospital, which is why it had to stop the oxygen supply. However, the oxygen supply was stopped at very short notice, which can be a criminal offence. The UP government is evaluating legal options that can be used against the oxygen supplier. The UP government has briefed the Prime Minister about the situation and officials in the state are keeping a close watch on the situation. The lack of responsibility on part of hospital authorities has been strongly condemned by many people and leaders. Some of them have described the deaths of the children as a massacre.

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