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Gossip has been researched in terms of its evolutionary psychology origins. This has found gossip to be an important means by which people can monitor cooperative reputations and so maintain widespread indirect reciprocity. Indirect reciprocity is defined here as “I help you and somebody else helps me.Gossip has also been identified by Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary biologist, as aiding social bonding in large groups. Dasammal is from a roman catholic family and she always like gossiping.she lives in flat and she like the incident happen in others home by knowing that she feel happy.he talk about the family members badly.she created the same nature on is daughter vanitha after marriage also she created the same nature of gossiping so that she couldn’t able to have a baby after 8 years of her marriage life..she did not leave her brother’s wife live with his brother.As she did not able to get baby she don’t like her brother living with his wife so when she came for marriage and been in india she tortured her and said she is not right person for her brother.she have to enjoy in nuclear family but her brother family should get torture in joint family so she put poision on her brother due to that he stayed in joint family with his parents.his parents were  complex that they don’t have education and then in earlier marriage life they did not enjoy so they don’t like their son and daughter go outside happily both father in law and mother in law gossip outside that their daughter in law don’t know to cook but when she cook this dasammal tried to kill her by using gas cylinder then pouring oil in floor she tried to kill her.she said outside nothing she brought from her home like that she said outside and also she tortured her for dowry.Others home also she put her head and hear the family matter telling she will solve it and spread to outside or create more trouble for them.She wanted her son to remarry due to that she gossip outside that her daughter in law as bad and also motivate his son to get separate from her.dasammal told his son that she don’t know to speak and take decisions.but she learned more than that dasammal or her husband but they kept her in that home as slave.This Gossip lady if she felt that son to live then she might have not created problem in silly manner but she created an atmosphere to others that her daughter in law got devil attack and created an bad atmosphere to others in talking with her.she will not give food to her daughter in law.then she don’t leave her daughter in law go for honey moon.then if she sick also don’t allow her son to take care of her.then she wont allow his son to buy and give anything for her.then he made his son to beat her daughter in law by giving wrong issues .she only like her daughter should live happily and they think that she only knows everything in world but she is very childish and she don’t know what to decide or what to do in life .she should keep quiet in her room with out counselling others because she is the reason for spoiling others life.she should not involve in her cousin life and should not attend any family function because she don’t know what to do in happy moment because she want others should cry and if others or sad only she will be happy.she don’t know how to groom her personality but she will advise others she is psychologically affected.her husband should take her to counselling and make her distance from the relatives.then her brother life also she should not disturb and better she should not talk to her brother in her that he will have a happy married life .then dasammal and her husband also should leave his son and live with out conducting him if they really feel their son to live.because dasammal and her husband or vanitha don’t  able to live with out gossiping or disturbing others life so they should live with out disturbing and gossiping their closer ones,friends and relatives so that they will live happily till the end of their life.some people will not be good mother and father and good sister in law also like this people should stay calm in life and live separately from others so that with out knowing also they cant disturb others.

By: Anusha vinolin

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