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Goverment to review Dowry harassment laws

Based on the proposal, Indian penal code of section 498A will be the compoundable offence with permission of the courts the Law commission and justice Malimath committee suggested. The offence is non-compoundable and nonviable that provides immediate accused arrest. Husband or family members guess to be guilty till the prove innocence in the court and even guilty is punishable in jail term up to three years.
The court will permit a guarantee against attempts where the wife may have compelled into a compromise by her partner, officials of Home ministers said.
In case the dowry harassment case is proved to be wrong, and then the law is misused, followed by penalty of Rs 1000. But, Rs 15000 to be paid based on amendment. There were many allegations found that husband and relatives charge false dowry harassment to their wives or in family members related to marital issues. Now a section is to be expected to insert into allow an accused to pay penalty in order to escape from the jail.
The Home minister had requested to all state government to be judicious in section 498A of IPC in matrimony disputed as the provision as shield by disgruntled wives.

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