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Government gives 3-months extension for obtaining Aadhaar

In a relief to people, the government has extended the deadline to obtain Aadhaar by three months. The new deadline to obtain Aadhaar is December 31. However, it is important to note that the extension will only be applicable for those people who have not yet applied for Aadhaar. The extension of the deadline was announced today by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It may be recalled that Aadhaar has become the backbone of various government schemes. Currently, a staggering 135 schemes are delivered to people via Aadhaar. These schemes are from 35 ministries and include the most popular ones such as the free cooking gas (LPG), public distribution system (PDS), MGNREGA, kerosene subsidy, fertilizer subsidy, etc. Earlier, Aadhaar was made mandatory for availing such schemes. Those who did not have Aadhaar were asked to obtain their Aadhaar by September 30. Now this deadline has been extended to December 31.

The government took the decision to extend the deadline for getting Aadhaar after reviewing the welfare schemes that were covered under Aadhaar. The government also reviewed the data related to the number of beneficiaries and the total benefits transferred to people. Experts said that there may be still a large number of people who may not have obtained their Aadhaar, which is why the three-month extension has been provided. The government may also have looked into the recent complaints about the reduced number of Aadhaar centers and the slow process.

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