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Government gives clearance to prosecute 48 IAS, IPS, and IRS officers for corruption

In its continued fight against black money and corruption, the government today gave clearance to prosecute 48 administrative officers. These officers include the elite of the administrative system such as IAS, IPS and IRS. Investigations have revealed that these people have been involved in corruption cases. Since investigative agencies cannot directly take action against these top administrative officers, permission needs to be taken from the government to initiate action against such high ranking administrative officials. It’s sad to see that such well-paid officers are lured to join the dark side and indulge in corrupt activities. It’s good to see that the government has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and has given the permission to prosecute these officials as per the law of the land.

The announcement regarding the government’s approval to prosecute these administrative officials was made today in the Lok Sabha by Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh. Of the 48 officers who will now face prosecution, 23 are IAS officers, 3 are IPS officers and 22 are from IRS. The minister also informed that a total of 13 administrative officers have also been dismissed from their jobs. Those dismissed include 4 IAS officers, 1 IPS officer and 8 IRS officers.

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