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Government of India to distribute over 1 crore LED bulbs in Telangana


  •  Energy efficient appliances under UJALA scheme to be available at MEE Seva Centre and SHGs under Town level Federation
  • Consumers can now buy 9 Watt LED bulbs for Rs. 70/-, 20 Watt LED tube lights for Rs. 230/- and Energy Efficient fans for Rs. 1150/-

Hyderabad, 21st June, 2017: Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a Public Energy Services Company under the administration of Ministry of Power, Government of India (GoI) has sold over 12 lakh LED bulbs, 21 thousand energy efficient fans and 1 lakh LED tube lights under the Unnat Jeevan by Affordable LED’s and Appliances for All (UJALA) scheme. The adoption of these appliances has lead to annual cost saving of ₹65 crore in consumer bills, annual energy saving of 16 crore kWh and reduction of 1.3 lakh tonnes of CO2. 

EESL has tied up with Self Help Groups under Town Level Federation through Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and MEE Seva Centre located across Hyderabad to facilitate the distribution of the energy efficient appliances.

Under UJALA scheme consumers will be able to buy high quality 20 W LED tube lights and energy efficient fans at ₹230 and ₹1,150 each respectively on an upfront basis. The consumers can also purchase energy efficient LED bulbs at ₹70 each. Each consumer can save over ₹2,500/- annually by adopting energy efficient appliances. The energy efficient fans distributed by EESL are of 50 Watts, which are 30 percent more efficient than the fans available in market. The appliances are available at all the municipal revenue centres at GHMC and 72 ULB’s commissioner’s office. EESL aims to distribute 5 lakh LED tube lights, 1 lakh energy efficient fans and 1 crore LED bulbs. This can lead to annual cost saving ₹530 crores in consumer bills, energy saving of 133 crores kWh and reduction of 10 lakh tonnes of CO2.

The UJALA scheme has been widely accepted across rural and urban areas of the country. The primary reason for this mass adoption is the capability of LED bulbs to give consistent luminosity even in low voltage, where incandescent and CFL bulbs usually fail.

EESL provides free of cost replacement of LED bulbs and tube lights for all technical faults for three years, as well as 2.5 years technical warranty for energy efficient fans. During the distribution, replacements can be done through any of the distribution counters that would be operating within the city.

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