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Government orders ISPs to block online child sexual abuse material by July 31

Aiming to stop online child abuse, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B) has passed an interim order which requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to implement Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) resources by July 31. The interim order contains a global list of websites and URLs, which are part of the IWF resources, and these will be blocked in an ongoing phased manner. The decision for the order was taken after discussions were carried out at the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC). The committee includes officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Ministry of Law, Ministry of External Affairs and Department of Telecom.

The order has been issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in association with Ministry of Women and Child Development, as per Section 79(2) (c) of the Information Technology Act 2000. An excerpt from a blog post uploaded by I&B ministry read, “This is an interim measure till the IMC puts in place a centralized mechanism to monitor online CSAM. The Order of MEITY also reiterates that the ISPs will continue to observe due diligent requirements described under the IT Act for removing and disabling any content which is in violation of the extant rules and regulations.”

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