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Government said there is no shortage of salt in country

download-2As people in different parts of India bought salt Rs400/kg panicked with sudden hike in salt prices due to shortage the government announced the government announced that the country has sufficient salt.

“Panic is being spread by mischief mongers. The country has sufficient salt and people do not have to worry about the price,” said Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.

The minister also said that action would be taken against people selling salt at high prices and spreading rumors about salt shortage in the country.

“On an average, salt prices are selling at Rs 14-15 per kg, same as last year. There has been no increase in prices of the food,” said Paswan.

According to reports the said shortage of salt rumours led to cost plummeted to Rs 100 to Rs 400 at some places in northern India.

Commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman also tweeted that there is no shortage of edible salt.

No shortage in the supply of edible salt.Baseless rumors being spread. Salt Commissioner& Jt.Secretary Shri Raghavendra monitoring  . . .,” she tweeted.

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