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Government suggest making DD and AIR independent

NewsPatrolling – A high level panel of Central Govt secretaries have asked the Narendra Modi led NDA Government to make Prasar Bharti controlled Door Darshan (DD) and All India Radio (AIR) independent corporate entities in order to make them less dependent on Government funds. This corporstisation is believed to give DD and AIR separate corporate heads who will have independence to operate with some autonomy on the lines of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of the United Kingdom.

The idea is to make them corporate entities which are stull under the government’s control. The presentation was made on the 3rd of January as a part of the mid term review for autonomus bodies to get suggestions for the upcoming budgets. It is believed that if the suggestions are implemented, Prasar Bharati may be done away with as it may not be needed if the two bodies are independent.

This is being touted as a way to control budgetary expenditure and make the two companies profit centres for the Government. Currently the two have to take the permission of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry for all decisions ranging from expenditure to recrutiment. This has led to their failure as companies and has resulted in them losing a lot of revenue and thus having to depend on the Government for funds. The revenue target was set by the Government at Rs 1,600 crores and only Rs 1,267 crores was achieved. DD has also been getting a viewership that is far lower than private TV channels.

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