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Govinda Starrer Fryday opening day fate kept hanging due to distributor PVR’s blunder

govindaIts a really sad day for the film industry. Fryday marks as the much awaited comeback project for the1990’s most celebrated actor Govinda, who gave his heart, soul and sw
eat to this movie. 
Despite the positive reviews both from the audience and the film critics the reach of the film remains limited as a mis judgement from its co producer PVR and their management staff left the director and lead actor into despair and fury.
The collections of the film has been relatively low and primarily due to its producer partner PVR not releasing the film in most of their theaters or giving it odd hours to late night shows which affected its target audience. The film generated 1.25 cr. despite such a blunder at the hands of its producers whereas other movies such as Helicoper Ella could only attract 75 lacs and the credit goes to the energetic and lively performance of Govinda and strategic and brilliantly crafted directorial skills of Abhishek Dogra. 
 Govinda has spoken on his despair and disappointment saying, “Art, or rather any form of creativity should be encouraged. Any businessman should keep commerce in mind but why with a per-conceived idea?” He continued, “Even if they had a pre-conceived idea, they should know by now that FryDay has been welcomed well— so now they need to step up the shows pronto. I have a word with them and we are going to talk again on Monday, which is when I believe that remedial measures will be taken,” and then added, “You can’t hug a person who is standing with his hands folded can you? Hope better sense prevails.”
The director, Abhishek Dogra was also heard saying that their film has been discriminated at the hands of PVR as it gave more screens to its competitive releases for the week namely, Jalebi and Hellicopter Ella than to their film. 
The current brawl has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the director and lead actor Govinda and has left the fate of a family entertainer movie hanging over a rash preconcieved judgement.

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