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Established in July 2013, Grabhouse is a Mumbai-based brokerage-free house renting online platform. It has now become one of the quickest, easiest and the most reliable means to find flats, flat mates and tenants without the intervention of brokers. This online medium is at present operational in 4 cities viz. Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. The services of the website are focused on two different categories. In the first category, one can create a seeker’s profile and the recommendation engine suggests the most suitable properties based on the requirements mentioned by the seeker. In fact one of the biggest USPs of the company is their seeker-friendly approach. In the second category, owners can create a profile which allows them to post house details along with photos, rent details and location.

The company targets the young working professionals or college students who prefer mobile and internet platforms over traditional and offline means for their day-to-day needs. Grabhouse is a mobile-first company which focuses on the experience of the mobile users. Through its innovative technology, Grabhouse is reinventing the model of house searches in India. This ground-breaking technology helps home seekers solve the problem of finding a suitable place within the budget which is close to their work location and also matches other preferences.

Grabhouse also provides privileged services to seekers where they get access to unlimited housing options, suggestions about where to stay, support in finalizing the rent agreement and moving in. These privileged services can be availed at a nominal cost, paid online. All of these services and many more are executed through a team support of twenty which is expected to grow manifold in the months to come.

The platform, at present, targets solving one of the gravest issues facing the real estate industry i.e. cluttered and inaccurate property data. The root cause identified by the team at Grabhouse is the unlimited access to the online platform the brokers have, where a lot of fake properties are being listed to attract customers. Grabhouse envisions breaking this clutter by keeping the brokers at bay and improving the user experience.

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