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Grand Master Akshar launches ‘Time to Meditate’, a massive campaign aimed at ensuring mental wellness

New Delhi, October 2020: As the world marked the Mental Health Day on October 10, revered Yoga and Spiritual Guru Grand Master Akshar decided to help people suffering from mental health issues by launching a powerful 100-day campaign aimed at bringing about positive mental health with the help of meditation. As part of the campaign titled “Time to Meditate”, Grand Master Akshar aims to reach out directly to nearly 10 million peoplethrough different online and offline platforms with an objective to assert the boons of meditation practiced in the simplest possible manner. On different social media platforms, people can connect with the campaign under hashtags #ChaloDhyanKarein, and #TimeToMeditate. The campaign assumes utmost significance for hundreds of thousands of people across the world who are facing innumerable obstacles with regard to mental wellness, especially in the prevailing pandemic scenario.

Studies suggest that an estimated 264 million people are suffering from depression while 284 million are currently battling anxiety disorder globally. Besides, nearly 46 million people are suffering from bipolar disorder, approximately 50 million from dementia and over 107 million from alcohol abuse. An even more worrying factor is that might be millions of others who either fail to identify their illness or are apprehensive from speaking up. The motive of the campaign is to reach out to as many such individuals in India and other countries across the world as possible.

A major source of inspiration for the campaign is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s incessant advocacy of mental wellness. In 2017 when Prime Minister Modi had talked about the significance of mental wellness for our nation, his speech was lauded by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, thereby sensitizing the population in major parts of the world.

Grand Master Akshar plans to have multiple events for meditation in different parts of the world, ranging from India, U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Japan and so on through online portals and offline platforms as well.

Different online tools such as webinar and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are being used for the campaign, with the goal to cultivate the practice of meditation across different communities.

“The campaign will eventuallylead to a large network of meditation practitioners who are invested in their own mental well-being and mental health. Thereby, they can progress in lives and achieve success in all their endeavours,” says Grand Master Akshar.

The campaign, which is set to commence on 20th October 2020, aims to promote a united community of practitioners for calmness and mentalwellbeing.

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