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GST collections at 92,150 crore in September

Goods and Services Tax (GST) collections for September stood at Rs 92,150 crore, the government said today. The overall GST collections for September were received from around 43 lakh entities. An official statement released by the Finance Ministry read, “The total revenue in GST regime under different heads (up to October 23) for September 2017 is Rs 92,150 crore.” Of the total collections, the central GST has contributed 14,042 crore, whereas the state GST has contributed Rs 21,172 crore. Integrated GST collections were Rs 48,948 crore and out of this, imports contributed Rs 23,951 crore. The statement also mentions the Compensation Cess, which stood at Rs 7,988 crore. This included Rs 722 collected for imports.

Till now, around 42.91 lakh entities have filed their GST returns for September. Most businesses are required to file the initial GSTR-3B return, which is the primary self-assessment of sales and purchase under the GST regime. GST was launched in July and in that month, the collections were Rs 95,000 crore. In August, the collections were 91,000 and in September, the collections have reached Rs 92,150 crore. Earlier, the government had announced that the penalty for filing late returns for August and September has been waived off. “To facilitate taxpayers, late fee on the filing of GSTR-3B for August and September has been waived. Late fee paid will be credited back to taxpayer ledger,” finance minister Arun Jaitley announced in a tweet.

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