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Guam unafraid of North Korea’s nuclear missile attack

Even after North Korea presented a detailed plan of targeting Guam with nuclear weapons, the US Pacific territory appears to have brushed aside the threat entirely. Neither the administrators nor the residents of Guam appeared to be afraid of the North Korean threat and it was business as usual for most people. The island has a population of around 163,000 people and there was no visible exodus of people from the island. The island was flooded with tourists as usual and shops and restaurants could be seen doing brisk business. The island of Guam is frequented by tourists from Japan and South Korea. The tourists are attracted by the mesmerizing greenery of the island and its radiant turquoise waters. Most residents said that they did not take North Korea’s threats seriously.

Residents are confident that presence of US forces on the island will protect them from any misadventure from North Korea. It may be recalled that Guam has been targeted earlier as well. It had prompted the United States to install a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor system on the tiny island. The THAAD system can effectively deal with any missiles being fired towards the island. Some tourists even questioned the capability of North Korea’s missiles, saying that it’s more likely that the missiles will drop into the sea rather than hitting the island with deadly force.

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