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Gujarat Congress MLAs staying at Bengaluru luxury resort to return to Gujarat

The Gujarat Congress MLAs who were shifted to a luxury resort in Bengaluru will start returning back to their home state tomorrow. It may be recalled that these MLAs had shifted to Bengaluru since the Congress party had alleged that they were being forced to defect to BJP, ahead of the crucial Rajya Sabha polls. However, the BJP has denied all such allegations related to horse trading. The Gujarat MLAs will be moved back to their home state in batches. The first batch will comprise 10 MLAs and they are expected to arrive at Ahmedabad tomorrow morning. The rest of the 33 MLAs would also return tomorrow. The MLAs return was inevitable since they need to vote in the Rajya Sabha elections, which will be held on Tuesday.

The decision to move the Congress MLAs to Bengaluru was taken after 6 of its MLAs quit the party. There were fears that more MLAs would defect, which prompted the party high-command to move the remaining MLAs to a Congress-ruled state Bengaluru. The Congress alleged that its former leader Shankersinh Vaghela is responsible for the defections, since he was annoyed with the party’s decision to not make him the Chief Ministerial candidate. The Congress said that Vaghela was taking revenge by seeking defections in the Gujarat Congress party. It may be recalled that Congress is desperately trying to get its candidate Ahmed Patel elected to the Rajya Sabha, whereas BJP is doing its best to stall Ahmed’s plans.

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