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Gujarat High Court rejects plea against PM Modi, others in post-Godhra riots case

Zakia Jafri had challenged the closure report prepared by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) that had given a clean chit to Narendra Modi and 61 others in the post-Godhra riots. The SIT was formed on the orders of the Supreme Court. However, Zakia had challenged the report filed by SIT in the Gujarat High Court in 2014. Today, the High Court ruled in favor of the SIT report and dismissed the plea filed by Zakia. The court also said that Zakia’s accusation that the riots were part of a larger conspiracy does not appear to be based on any solid evidence. The court said that the only possibility for Zakia could be to demand fresh investigation with the magisterial court.

The High Court’s decision was announced today by Justice Sonia Gokani. She said that it was the magisterial court that had first accepted the closure report filed by SIT. However the magisterial court made the mistake of assuming that it cannot order a fresh investigation. Gokani further said that Zakia can demand for a fresh investigation with the magisterial court, the division bench of the high court or the Supreme Court. She, however, dismissed Zakia’s larger conspiracy theory by pointing out that the entire investigation was monitored by the Supreme Court.

It may be recalled that the SIT report had concluded that there was no substantial evidence to prosecute Modi and other in the post-Godhra riots case.

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