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Gujarat Rajya Sabha election vote counting delayed due to dispute

The counting of votes in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections has been delayed after a dispute arose in the voting process. The Congress party said that two of its legislators had publicly declared their vote, which is why their votes need to be cancelled. However, BJP said that the elections are anyways an open voting process, so it should not matter if some of the votes were publicly declared. BJP leaders said that the Congress party is unnecessarily creating an issue since it has lost its confidence in getting its top leader Ahmed Patel re-elected to the Rajya Sabha. One BJP leader said that earlier the Congress party was confident of getting Patel elected, but now that it is not sure, it has started creating problems in the vote counting process.

The matter is currently being heard by the Election Commission and a decision is expected to be taken soon. Both Congress and BJP have provided their explanations to the EC. It may be recalled that the Congress wants to get Ahmed Patel re-elected to the Rajya Sabha at any cost. The desperation was so great for the Congress that it had to move 43 of its Gujarat MLAs to a luxury resort in Bengaluru. Ahmed Patel is the political advisor to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and if he loses, it will create a huge embarrassment for the party. This is why Congress appears to be making a mountain out of a molehill in the vote counting process.

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