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Gurgaon Movie Review

Release Date: August 4, 2017
Cast: Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna, Shalini Vatsa, Aamir Bashir
Director: Shanker Raman
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes      

Gurgaon uncovers the ugly side of a busy metropolis, where the ugliness is not limited to the economically weaker sections of the society, but is present, and to an even greater extent, among the elite and civilized society. The movie also uncovers the complex relations that members of a wealthy family share among themselves and how such relations are often driven by the desire for money and power. The movie gives the message that when money is involved, things like love, care and affection become tools to achieve a predefined objective, which essentially is the acquisition of even more wealth and power. The wealth and power comes at a price though, and that price is that it’s impossible to trust anyone, even the members of one’s own family. As the movie’s tagline says, “Yahaan kisi ki guarantee na hain”, which essentially means no one can be trusted in this large city, not even your loved ones.

The movie catches up on the life of Kehri Singh (Tripathi), who is a top business magnate and shares an orthodox view of life and relations. Kehri is highly superstitious and has an adopted daughter Preet (Khanna). Kehri believes that it’s because of Preet that his business has flourished and has helped him acquire wealth. Preet gets her education from abroad from a leading institute, but when she returns to India, she starts to live her life in an orthodox family. Kehri also has a son Nikki (Oberoi), but he is the usual good-for-nothing individual who lives on the money earned by his father. Moreover, he has gotten himself involved in bad habits such as cricket betting, something that Kehri doesn’t like at all. There is constant tension between the two over the issue. One day, Nikki loses a great deal of money in cricket betting, and when the bookies pressure him to pay up, he makes a plan to extort money from Kehri, his own father. Now, Kehri has to find the monsters in his own house and while doing so, he has to face the monsters from his past as well.

The script is thoughtfully written and it feels real all throughout the movie. Over dramatization has been intelligently avoided in the movie without letting the story lose its thrilling pace. The movie explores a host of dreadful characters and dialogues have been kept at minimum, enabling a striking resemblance to events, as they would take place in the real world. Tripathi has delivered a splendid performance in his role of a troubled character that has to solve his existing problems and face the ghosts of his past as well. Other actors have also delivered good performances. Credit also goes to debutant director Shanker Raman for creating a distinct movie experience.

If you like crime thrillers and have a taste for the dark side, Gurgaon may be the movie you want to watch.

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