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Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Hair Transplant is a hair restoration procedure. In hair transplant surgery doctor fills areas where you don’t have sufficient hair or have thin hairs. Hair transplant is running for many years but now it’s developed. Now it’s easy and safe. There are two methods of Hair transplant one is FUE and Second is FUSS.

Most Frequently Asked Questions –

  • Why hair transplant is important?
  • What is the cost of Hair transplant?
  • What are the Advantages of the transplant?
  • What are the Disadvantages of the transplant?

So let’s figure out the answers to these questions?

Why Hair transplant is Important?

Baldness is a serious problem at this time because of more than 85 million peoples have with this problem. There are different reasons behind hair fall in men and women. In men’s Baldness happen because of Harmon DTH or can happen due to hormonal changes and in women’s, the reason behind baldness is hormonal changes.

Peoples who think that hair fall is not a problem or a big problem and they realize it they got blad or bald spots on their head. So be careful if you have this problem then go the doctors.

If you got baldness, don’t you worry about it because there is an option for you, and the option is hair transplant.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the only solution for bald spots or baldness and cost is the important factor so you should know about that cost of hair transplant.

We can understand the cost of hair transplant by these factors

For Men and for Women

The cost of the transplant depends on your gender because of the cost hair transplant in men is a bit more than women.

Technique Used in Hair Transplant

From which technique you want to do Hair transplant also affects the cost of hair transplant. There are two techniques for hair transplant, one is FUE and the second one is FUT.

FUT technique takes more time so it is costlier than the FUE Technique. FUE is a bit less costly than FUT because it takes less time and efforts.

Which Doctor You Choose

The cost of the hair transplant also depends on the doctor because there are hundreds of doctors for hair transplant and their cost is different from each other.

What Kind of Facilities They are Providing

Facilities also affect the cost of the transplant. If they are providing you with some extra facilities like the O.T. table, Itanium punches and other facilities they will charge for it from you.


Another factor of hair transplant plant is the location. Where you are going to do the hair transplant location will surely affect the cost of hair transplant so because in each city there a difference of hair transplant.

You can get the hair transplant at a cheaper price in Jaipur.

The cost of a hair transplant can be counted by the number of follicles used in.

Hair Transplant Advantages

Let’s understand the benefits of hair transplant by these points

1. Natural and Safe

Now hair transplant techniques have developed and it’s safe. In hair transplant doctors uses your own back head scalps for hair transplant. In FUE and FUT method doctors do not use any chemicals or harmful products on your hairs so we can say that it’s safe you.

2. Get Natural Hairs

As we told you with hair transplant you can get natural hairs. After a hair transplant, you can do anything with your hairs like you can do hair styling, shampoo conditioner on your hairs.

So after hair transplant, you will get normal and natural hairs.

3. Build your Confidence

Everyone makes fun of bald peoples, we can understand what you feel at that time. So get a hair transplant so that no one can make fun of you and get confident.

Hair Transplant Disadvantages

There is no disadvantage of hair transplant but these things can be harmful to you

  • Do not get hair transplant before 25
  • Do not get hair transplant while you are sick.

Now we have told you all the details about hair transplant like what is hair transplant, why you should get a hair transplant, cost of the hair transplant, advantages, and disadvantages of hair transplant surgery.


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