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HAL’s Tejas to make its debut run on Republic day

HAL_Tejas-624x351Tejas, which is India’s indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft of the HAL, will be making its maiden flight in front of dignitaries on the 26th of January, 2017, the Republic Day of Bharat. Tejas will have SU – 30 aricrafts flying besides it. It will be leading the Trishul formation and will also perform a vertical Charlie, which is the plane flying towards space, which appears like the planes standing vertically. The Su – 30 will also do a single high speed run. The Tejas was flown earlier on the Indian Air Force Day, Aero India show, Baharain International Airshow and also at the IAF’s fire power demonstration which is known as the Iron Fist.

The Tejas aircraft was flown by former chief of the Indian Air Force Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha. Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha conducted manouvers in the flying envelope of the aircraft and was able to simulate air to air and air to land attacks. On the Indian Air Force Day on the 8th of October, 2016, a pilot displayed the capabilities of the fighter jet. He displayed the ability of the jet to climb to a desired altitude quickly, its ability to stand vertically in the air, he performed a loop, a fast turn and a turn at a low speed to wow the audience.

Only 2 Tejas fighter jets were inducted in the Indian Air Force in 2016, but the Government plans to double its production from 8 jets being manufactured per year to 16 jets inducted per year. The IAF has planned to induct 120 Tejas jets to replace the aeging fleet of MIG 21s. it also plans to include 100 more modified jet versions in its fleet.

Tejas was inducted into the Indian Air Force in July, 2016 and it is being said to be one of the best light combat aircraft’s in the World. When compared with the latest American F-16s, French Mirage and Swedish Gripen aircrafts, it seems to leave them far behind in terms of its combat capabilities. As a 4th generation aircraft, Tejas can fly at speeds of 1,350 kilometres per hour, weighs 8.5 tonnes and can carry 3 tonnes of weapons which include air to air missiles, guns, beyond visual range missiles, conventional/ retarded bombs and laser guided bombs.

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