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Handa ka Funda: Ultimate XAT 2018 Preparation Guide

XAT 2018 is to be conducted on January 7, 2018 and very little time is left now. Most of the candidates would have toiled hard during the past 6 months or more, but these last 20-25 days are also very crucial in the context of your preparation for XAT 2018.

Handa Ka Funda, a Pune based coaching platform is providing XAT online coaching to ease a lot of stress of XAT aspirants. The focus is specifically on Decision Making and GK, as many MBA aspirants do not prepare for these two sections and thus end up scoring less in XAT.

In this rush-hour, aspirants often get confused about what should they do to maximize their score. Well, to terminate this confusion of yours, we will tell you what should be approach for the final days. We will also talk about the ultimate XAT 2018 preparation guide to score more than 99th percentile in XAT.

How to make the Best use of Handa Ka Funda

Here is a look at how this online tool can help you in cracking  Xavier Aptitude Test: –

XAT 2018 Course Revision: In case you want to have a complete revision of concepts for XAT 2018, Handa Ka Funda has a complete XAT 2018 course as well. This course will provide you more than 500 videos of Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. This course will include the Decision Making and GK course mentioned above.

An important thing about this course is that it will also include 5 full length mock tests for XAT as well. This course will cost you only INR 3999 is surely a valuable addition to your preparation.

Decision Making preparation with Handa Ka Funda

As we have talked earlier as well, Decision Making is the most important section of XAT, and is often called the make or break section. Handa Ka Funda has launched a XAT Decision Making course at a very low fee of INR 799.

In this course, candidates will get video lessons of all the concepts, along with video solutions of previous year papers of XAT. You will also get 5 sectional tests for XAT Decision Making. 100 new decision-making sets and live online classes for strategy and doubts are also there on offer.

The effectiveness of this course is not just in numbers. The course features on 3 key areas of success in this section, which are Ethical Dilemmas, Identifying Stakeholders and Analytical Reasoning as well.

You can access the classes anytime and anywhere using your device and internet, which is an amazing factor. Also, the sectional tests and past year papers are probably the best source of preparation for decision making.

GK preparation with Handa Ka Funda

GK is another scary area for many XAT aspirants as preparation for GK sometimes gets ignored due to huge amount of practice needed for other sections. Well, if you have not prepared for GK so far, we have a perfect solution for this as well.

Handa Ka Funda has a special GK course which costs only INR 599. There are a lot of things in this course which can help you get a magical score in XAT.

Firstly, you will be given previous year GK questions of XAT, IIFT and SNAP in PDF format. You will be given question banks which will cover major current events, along with 5 XAT specific GK sectional tests as well.

But the most amazing part of this course is ‘Factopedias’. These are videos lessons which are designed in interactive way for easy learning.

With this course, again the feature of 24*7 access is something that can help greatly. Many students have benefitted from this and we are sure you will also get good scores by taking this course.

Last few days Preparation Plan for XAT 2018

It’s quite obvious that every candidate must be giving a lot of time to XAT 2018 preparation, but it is very important that you utilize your time properly. Quantity of hours put in doesn’t matter as much as quality of hours put it. Therefore, to get the best out of these 3 weeks, we suggest to keep following things in mind: –

Take mocks: – Well, mocks are undoubtedly the best way to prepare for any competitive exam, and so for XAT. We suggest you to take at least 5 mocks during these final days.

Solve past year papers: – Solving past years papers is a must for XAT. Level of XAT is quite different from other management entrance exam and therefore it becomes necessary to go through previous years’ papers to gauge the level of exam. Try to solve 1 paper every day along with your regular practice.

Revise GK: – Generally candidates put a lot of hardwork in doing the 3 mainstream sections of XAT, Verbal Ability, Decision Making and Quantitative Ability. And they often tend to ignore GK. But they should not forget that GK plays a vital role in your actual admission to the college. Therefore, keep on revising GK to keep your chances high for your dream college.

Focus on Decision Making: – Decision making is the make or break section of XAT. It is not there in any of the MBA exams and it may seem a stranger to many candidates. But in reality, it is the easiest and more scoring section of XAT. So, if you are not that good at Decision Making, we strongly recommend to focus a lot on it.

Stay away from distractions: – This is probably the most important point. Generally, there is a very high level of activity in forums, whatsapp groups and online discussion platform near the exam days. We suggest you to be selective about these things and also recommend you to spend most of your time with books and questions. Ignore all kinds of distractions and give your 100% to preparation.

With just 20 odd days to XAT 2018, a good guidance can really turn things around. We wish you all the best for XAT 2018 and hope that you will give your 100% in the exam.

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