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Handy Tricks to Crack Olympiads & Emerge as Winners

Before heading towards a fruitful tomorrow, it is important that you have a streamlined and well-organized today as it is going to mend your ways in future. Academic Success is the dream of every serious student, however, to make it come true, it is important to have road map and unwavering schedule or a strategy in hand.

Similarly, if you are aspiring success in Olympiads, it becomes imperative to have a strategic plan in hand. Always Remember – A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish. As we all know, Olympiads like Science Olympiad, Mathematical Olympiad or Astronomy Olympiad, are great opportunities for a student to learn to prepare themselves for the forthcoming challenging competitive exams in India and abroad. These exams not only help in building a student’s confidence but also help him/her in challenging their own ability and allowing them to self-evaluate and mature. Almost every student appears for at least one Olympiad in their school lives these days, but it should not just be a shot in the dark. To crack any competitive / scholastic exam, all you need to have is right strategy, methodical approach, dedication and attitude Says Mr.R L Trikha Director FIITJEE.

 Here is the list of points that will help you prepare well for the Olympiad without facing any major obstacle on the way and emerge as winners in your set targets.

Be an Early Starter

The Beginning is Always Today – As your goals are set and you are well in-tune to scale the goal, don’t look back, just give your preparation that early start. Starting Early is key to Excellence not only in Olympiads, but in any competitive/scholastic exam. It’s all about peaking at the right moment and avoiding burnout. Give yourself plenty of time, track your progress and keep your eyes on your Destination! Remember Olympiad is taken by millions of students from around the world. This is an indicator that the questions are going to be trickier than what you are used to. So, you will need enough time to delve into every concept.

Get that Right Attitude

One of the most important steps you can take towards achieving your greatest potential in life is to learn to acquire positive attitude and its impact on your work performance and everything around you.  So, before you head towards academic excellence, it is equally important to get your attitude right. An optimistic approach towards the goal will help you lead the path with the right zeal and passion.

Know your Syllabus

Be thorough with your class notes and NCERT textbooks. Strengthen your basics. If you know your concepts well, you can answer any question, howsoever twisted and tricky it is. It is important to have a strong foundation in subjects like Science and Mathematics. To rationalize the preparation tips, it is imperative to know the syllabus and pattern of the exam thoroughly. Ensure that the content and topics that you have come across along with the level of difficulty should be aligned to the actual examination. Some key points to consider while finding the right study material for Olympiads:

  • Download Syllabus & Sample Papers: There are numbers of reliable websites or online resources from where you can download various sample papers of the exam that will help you gauge your preparedness and get the right temperament of the examination.
  • Take Mock Tests: Taking mock tests will help you identify your weak areas and work upon them. This will help you determine the right amount of time that you may need for Olympiad preparation.

Find a right Mentor to Guide your Way to Success

In today’s cut throat, competitive environment, it is becoming essential to have a true mentor who guides you and monitors your learning while steering you towards the ultimate success. A good mentor will help you learn and develop specific skills and knowledge. So, find a tutor who is good and can know the gap between your present level and desired level and see you escalating towards your dream goal.

Follow your schedule & Monitor your Preparation Strategy

This is the time by when you must have prepared a strategy or a schedule for yourself. Stick to that schedule and avoid falling off the track. Success calls for your determination. Stay resolute and go by your schedule to ensure you deliver optimum on the exam day. 

Once you start walking on the preparation path, do not forget to monitor your progress. Test your skills and knowledge regularly to ensure that you are progressing in your revision.

Keep a watch on your Health

All work and No play makes jack a dull boy. It might be an old saying but does work even today. In your pursuit to excellence, your health should not take a back seat. Do not let your rigid schedule take a toll on your health. A routine of good exercise, healthy food and short breaks will not only motivate you to stay fit but will also help you concentrate and focus better.

Quick Tips & Tricks to Ace Olympiad

  • Take the smartest approach to learning. Refer to the prescribed books and master all the areas thoroughly in a phased manner.
  • Avoid spending too much time on Online Forums / Chats on Olympiads as they may be irrelevant at times.
  • Never underestimate the importance of taking up Olympiad practice papers and Olympiad sample papers. They are the ultimate guideposts to Olympiad preparation. Practice them rather regularly with a focus on improving your scores every time.
  • Percentile scores help you ascertain where you stand in relation to others in the forum, therefore, take them seriously and work out your way gradually but surely towards success.

Exam Pattern – Know it to get in the Right Temperament

Olympiad follows set pattern rather than varying and comprises of fixed number of questions as declared beforehand on relevant site/vide circulars.

 Based on your performance in the first level exam, you are given a rank. This rank determines whether you qualify for the second level exam or not. Top prespecified percentage of students (class-wise) who appear for the first level exam and Top prespecified rank holders state-wise qualify for the next level. Having knowledge about the exam pattern will help you get in the right temperament.

In the end, it is you who can make or break the deal. So, stay calm and confident and you will be all set to crack the deal with an ease. When it comes to Success in Olympiad, it is all about practice and smart work along with a focused approach towards learning and practicing. Don’t overstress yourself as you prepare for Olympiads. Just put your efforts in the right direction and you are certain to succeed. 

By Mr. R L Trikha , Director FIITJEE

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