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Hanuman vs Mahiravana Movie Review

Release Date: July 06, 2018
Cast: Various artists (Voice)
Director: K. V. Ezhil Vendan
Genre: Animation, Mythology
Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

An important part of Ramayana, Hanuman has remained one of the favorites of children and adults alike. There are so many stories associated with Hanuman and each of them is full of courage, excitement and inspiration. Hanuman had various qualities that have made him one of the most likable characters in Indian mythology. Hanuman not only had great strength, but he was also immensely intelligent and witty as well. This is why we love Hanuman and are always eager to know more about him and his various adventures. Hanuman vs Mahiravana takes us on an altogether new journey, a story that not many of us are aware of.

The movie is about the decisive fight that took place between Hanuman and Mahiravana, which changed the course of Ramayana. Most of us have been told that Lord Rama killed Ravana and that was the end of the story. However, there was an interesting twist, just before the day when Ravana was killed. Not many people know about the story of Mahiravana, who was the king of the nether-world. Using his dark powers, Mahiravana abducted Lord Rama and Lakshman, and took them to the nether-world. He had planned to sacrifice the lives of Lord Rama and Lakshman, but before he could do so, he had to face Hanuman. The fight between good and evil has never been so intense, as can be seen in the battle between Hanuman and Mahiravana.

The story is riveting, but the animation does not appear to be up to mark. CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) has become very advanced and the audience is used to seeing high-quality animation that is as good as real. The movie appears to lag behind in this aspect. However, artists who have done the voice part have delivered good performances. They match the intrigue and intensity of the various characters involved.

Most mythology-based movies end with the win of good over evil, and Hanuman vs Mahiravana is no different. Watch it for its relatively unheard story and to witness one of the most fearsome battles that took place in the epic Ramayana.

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