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Happy Navratri : Durga disguised Nirbhaya

durgaDurga disguised Nirbhaya

Stop this and celebrate Navratri

Today is the first day of Navratri, a very famous worship of Goddess Durga and her 9 different forms in 9 days following by observing of fast, recitation of mantras and other rituals. We Hindus perform this festival twice in a year,one is in chaitra month and second one is at the time of Dusshera.

In these 9 days, we worship durga maa in various forms starting from cool Goddess to harsh and violent Durga.

The practical significance of Navratri in terms of Hindu rituals:

The victory of truth over evil by following and adapting various qualities of durga maa mentioned in durga chalisa and durga saptashti. Courage, patience, daring, Love, compassion, action, fight against injustice and many other attributes to be worshipped.

Take away from Navratri:

Follow the virtues of courage, daring, compassion, action, perseverance, zero tolerance for injustice. Let’s just not only worship Goddess Durga but accept her virtues also practically in our daily lives.

Modern day application of Navratri:

Respect womanhood

Fight against injustice

Care and love in the most highest manner

Treat woman as human not an item.

Let’s start practicing our festivals in practical manners rather than stereotypes rituals. Let really live with Goddess Durga in these 9 days and forever in significant manner.

Happy Navratri

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