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Happy periods

happy periods newspatrollingPeriods is a BIG Word in India. Scientifically it’s called menstruation cycle. As  a female, we have been always taught by our elder females to omit certain things viz. Not to participate in temple holy functions, not to touch plants, not to meet people, not to cook food etc.

But the question arises why?

The basic purpose is to give rest to the body, to rejuvenate body for the whole month. But people have mistaken it according to their mindsets and comfortable level.

Periods is infact the most pure time for a female. It’s a time to celebrate one’s feminity, one’s inner beauty in all aspects. It’s an opportunity to go inside yourself and ponder the most essential things for the growth and development of your life.

It’s a not to  disturb stage rather than taboo and untouchable phase.

During periods time a woman thinks faster than other days , she is more quite, it’s a time to indulge oneself in creativity…rejuvenate..and explore.

So, ladies celebrate your feminity in menses time. Be 5 times more happy than normal days, be more innovative and creative. It’s a time to refresh yourself for the rest of 25 days with Whisper Ultra.

Go inside and celebrate. We are gifted ones by Almighty.

Happy periods & Stay creative.

By: Archana Raula

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