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Happy V : A product review on V-Wash

3Generally, while taking bath we use soap all over our body including face as well as intimate parts also. But, women do this blunder. Each and every part of our body has different pH value. Our intimate part has some different pH value and is alkaline in nature with 3.5pH value. Vaginal part gets infected  very easily when its come into contact with foreign particles in the form of open acidic soap or unhygienic inner wears. Douch your vagina with this unique formula of intimate hygienic liquid wash.

How to use :

Take 5 ml of v wash in your palm then apply in your external vaginal part then rinse thoroughly with water.

Price :

160 for 100ml

It is made up of tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil that neutralizes acidic nature of intimate part. Lactic acid present in V wash makes it bacterial infection free.


No irritations, fishy odour free vagina and no infections.

My experience

I am using it since last 2 years without fail and now I am free from all urinary tract infection and other related issues. It’s transparent serum type gel makes nice lather. Very easy and soft to use on the vaginal part.

I recommend every lady must use V wash to have healthy and hygienic vagina.

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