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Hardik Patel will be Shiv Sena’s CM candidate for Gujarat

Turning up the heat against BJP, the prominent leader of the Patidar agitation Hardik Patel met Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray today and announced that he will work with Shiv Sena. He said that Gujarati and Marathi communities have always been together and this is the right time to bring a change in the system that would benefit the people. Pointing out that Shiv Sena was a tiger, he said that a tiger does not need anyone’s help. He said that he was here to seek the blessings of late Bal Thackeray, a great leader he had always idolized.

Just a few days back, Patel had said that he would wipe out BJP from Gujarat. The Shiv Sena has also snapped electoral ties with the BJP, just a few days ahead of the civic polls in Maharashtra. Uddhav also found the meeting to be an important development, as he said that Shiv Sena has crossed State borders to contest elections in other states such as Goa and Uttar Pradesh. He said that Gujarat can be their next destination, and Hardik Patel will be the face of Shiv Sena in Gujarat.

Uddhav also attacked the BJP, saying that the government is on notice period in Maharashtra. He said that things will become clearer after the civic elections, wherein it’s likely to see the downfall of BJP in the state.

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