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Hardik Patel’s alleged sex tape goes viral; Hardik calls it doctored

The political scene in Gujarat heated up today after an alleged sex tape of Hardik Patel went viral on the internet. Hardik is the face of the Patidar community in Gujarat and he is the chief of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS). The timing of the sex tape poses several questions, as it has been released at a time when Hardik and Congress are close to finalizing a deal. The clip shows a man, who appears to look like Hardik Patel, spending some intimate time with a woman. The video is being shared on social media, with the message that the man is Hardik Patel. Surprisingly, Hardik had already said a few days back that the BJP will be releasing his alleged sex tape to defame him. And now, that premonition seems to have come true. It is not yet clear if the man in the video is really Hardik Patel or someone else who merely looks like him.

Hardik has completely denied that it is him in the video. He said that the video was morphed. In response to the video, Hardik posted a tweet that read, “Dirty politics has begun now. It will not make any difference to me by defaming me. But the image of the Gujarati women is being tarnished.” Earlier also, in 2015, an alleged sex tape of Hardik was released on the internet. At that time, Hardik was in the process of launching his agitation to demand reservation for Patel-Patidars in government jobs.

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