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Haresh Mirpuri

Mr. Haresh Mirpuri

“Luxury is not about being expensive. It is about being able to value and treat everything in a way that keeps you impeccable”- Haresh Mirpuri Director, ARANYANI

Mr. Haresh Mirpuri, Director and the storyteller of luxury brand Aranyani, has made a niche for his company in the luxury sector withholding this message.

ARANYANI is a luxury leather brand with hand-painted designs and the word ‘Aranyani’ which comes from the ‘Rig Veda’ literally translates to the ‘Queen of the Forest’ –  It is a personification of elegance, royalty and individuality. This amalgamation of storytelling, creativity and sophistication is the result of handpicked and handcrafted leather, elegantly painted by world-class Indian artisans. Each ARANYANI item is handcrafted to be one of its kind. No more than two items per design are released, at any point, for each city, which makes each masterpiece unique from any other.

ARANYANI brings a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning world class consumer. Each ARANYANI product is inspired by nature which embodies queen-deserving attributes through a blend of carefully preserved heritage and a vibrant fashion relevance. ARANYANI takes pride in its creation of a distinctively refined art de vivre, which in other words may be called, a bag.

Mr. Mirpuri started his journey in the clothing industry when he joined his father in Indonesia in the Garment Manufacturing and Export Department. He started the spinning mill in 1996 and soon became the finest producer of Open End Yarn in Asia. The Plant went on to become the first plant in the world that was approved for production for Mudd Jeans, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel, within the first three months of starting operations.

He also believed that education is an important investment towards prosperity. So, in addition to an MBA, he acquired degrees in Garment, Weaving and Spinning Technology from different parts of the world including Korea, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Milwaukee. This exposure allowed him to interact with the Industry stalwarts like Martin Trust, Charles Ms Murray, Yolanda Morell, Don Rogers, Mike Jeffreys of Abercrombie & Fitch, Denise Cox and most importantly, his guru, his father

Mr. Mirpuri started ARANYANI as a brand that understands luxury as true art, and regularly interacts in world class artists to provide the best products to its customers. Under this practice, the brand is spread over India in Surat and Bangalore, as well as in New York City in the US.

Apart from fashion, Mr. Mirpuri is closely connected with Music, and has incorporated its essence into the brand as well. Besides that, travelling, reading, gym and photography are his other areas of interest.

The United Nations have certified ARANYANI towards being a “Sustainability Development Program”, as well as one of the 7 brands in the world to showcase as a “Conscious Fashion” Brand in New York on July 12th, 2018. The brand has also been accepted by the media and the people in New York as a brand in par with the best standards of the world.

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