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HCG- The Specialist in Cancer Care in Collaboration with Pinkathon organized an awareness session on Women’s Health & Breast Cancer

Bangalore, 30th October 2020: To mark Breast Cancer awareness month observed in October, HCG-The Specialist in Cancer care in association with Pinkathon hosted The Pink Strong Talks, a virtual live session to create awareness on ‘women’s health and breast cancer’. The speakers for the session were Dr. BS Ajaikumar, Chairman & CEO, Healthcare Global Enterprise Ltd and Milind Soman, Pinkathon Founder.

According to World Health Organisation, the numbers are expected to rise dramatically by 2030, due to increased urbanisation and changing lifestyles. In spite of the growing awareness about the incidence of breast cancer, most women are unaware about the need for regular self-breast examination, its importance in early detection and successful treatment.

Breast cancer, if caught at an early stage is curable. But due to lack of awareness, 50 percent of breast cancer patients in India present themselves to a doctor at third or fourth stage when the chances of survival are low leading to more cases of deaths than the number of survivors.

Dr. BS Ajaikumar, Chairman & CEO, Healthcare Global Enterprise Ltd said, Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, binging on junk food and exercise is negligible in our daily routine. Such lifestyle leads to obesity, which is one of the causes of breast cancer. We must monitor our food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every woman should do a self-examination, and in case they find lumps or any unusual knots, they should not delay visiting a specialist. It is highly vital to get a diagnosis at the right time. We are glad to be collaborating with Pinkathon to spread awareness about breast cancer and their overall well-being. They have created a fantastic platform putting women at the forefront to take charge of their health and motivate others with their indomitable spirit and will power”.  

Milind SomanPinkathon Founder, said, “The response to the 3rd edition of Pinkathon Day has been huge. The innovative format worked well even during these difficult times. The Ambassadors have done a fabulous job of encouraging women in so many places to take their first steps to fitness. This celebration of women’s health is the biggest event India has seen since February 2020! In the run up to the event I am happy to be in conversation on the Pinkathon Facebook page with Dr Ajaikumar, CEO and Chairman of HCG, talking about issues related to women’s health and breast cancer”.

The speakers highlighted on aspects of self-breast exam, signs to look for, measures to identify breast cancer, and common questions on breast cancer prevention, sedentary lifestyles, exercise etc

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