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Headaches during Pregnancy – Causes and Treatment

Headaches during Pregnancy newspatrolling

Pregnancy during pregnancy will make the mother feel uncomfortable and tired. But not stop there, the headaches during pregnancy are also a warning sign of the health of the mother who is having problems and the risk of serious illness such as pre-eclampsia is very high.

  1. Causes of Headaches during Pregnancy

There are five main causes of pregnancy headaches during pregnancy:

Endocrine changes during pregnancy are the leading cause of headaches in pregnant women. Under the influence of higher levels of the hormone, the blood vessels will contract and cause fatigue, irritability, headaches.

Some medical conditions also cause headaches during pregnancy such as sinusitis, stuffy nose, allergies, and depression.

At the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus develops significantly, increasing the weight of the fetus, impeding the flow of blood to the brain and leading to headache.

Living in a noisy environment, straight up, insomnia, anemia will easily lead to headaches during pregnancy.

At the same time, nutritional deficiencies, and the abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, stimulants also affect the headache during pregnancy in pregnant mothers.

  1. What can cause Headaches during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can also occur with some other symptoms of morning sickness such as nausea, vomiting, memory loss, eyesight pregnant women are always in a state of fatigue, affecting the quality. Life and health of mother and fetus.

There are only mothers with headaches, with no other symptoms and think that this is just normal pregnancy symptoms and easily missed quickly. However, headache during pregnancy is a signal that pre-eclampsia is a risk factor. It is associated with high blood pressure, body swelling, and excessive protein in the urine, severe headache, and sudden weight gain. If not treated and improved in time, the situation will become Dangerous when the mother elected to stage the last 3 months, can lead to convulsions, coma, even death

  1. How to Cure Headaches during Pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy can affect the mother’s life. So when these headaches appear, mothers can do some of the following to improve their health and bring about a comfortable feeling:

Healthy Diet:

Pregnant women should eat a lot of iron-rich foods such as broccoli, spinach, sugarcane. These foods are good for blood, which helps to circulate blood to the brain more easily.

Fresh milk, cherries, white beans, potatoes are very effective headache relief foods for moms. Mothers should be divided into several small meals, avoid the body hungry because when hungry, blood sugar levels decline, leading to headaches.

Pregnant women should drink 2 liters of water every day to avoid water shortage in the body to limit the risk of headaches during pregnancy.

Alcohol, beer, coffee are the drinks containing stimulants cause the head more pain should be absolutely avoided.

Avoid Stress, Fatigue:

Choose healthy options to control the pressure in your life as well as to distribute the right work, spend more time with your family and especially avoid the hustle, bustle and crowded places.


Try to arrange a reasonable break. Resting and relaxing will make the mother feel more comfortable and help reduce the frequency of headaches often encountered during pregnancy.

Exercise Regularly:

Research shows that regular exercise can help mothers restrict headaches during pregnancy. Exercises like meditation, yoga, swimming, walking are very good exercises for mothers during mid-pregnancy. These exercises not only help strengthen the body but also make the spirit of the mother more optimistic and more fun.

Sleep Full, Punctual:

Lack of sleep not only causes headaches during pregnancy, but also causes the mother to choose the risk of some other diseases such as: forgetful, absent mind.

Headache treatment:

If your headache is getting worse and worse, mums choose to have a head massage with a specialist. The massage will help relax the muscles, reduce fatigue and support the treatment of headaches very well. Possibly, headache during pregnancy will be better than that.

Many people who suffer from headaches will find pain medication but during pregnancy, mothers should minimize the use of painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen because they are at risk for birth defects in very high fetus. In cases where headaches are not improving, the mother should go to the doctor and follow the instructions and instructions of the specialist, to avoid the unknown source of medication as well as the components harmful to the fetus received catastrophic.

In conclusion, when the pregnancy headaches appear, mothers should pay close attention to and follow these improvements. If you have prenatal-based precautions that are still ineffective, and at the same time tend to increase, with other potentially dangerous symptoms, quickly go to the Maternity Hospitals near to you for medical attention.

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