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Holi, festival of colours is celebrated on the full moon day falling in the month of Phalguna (Feb-Mar) as per the Hindu calendar. This festival holds a lot of importance both mythologically and spiritually. This festival conveys message of oneness and also victory of good over evil. The very essence of this festival lies in its colours. Colours plays an important role in our lives and these colours signifies those chakras in our body through which human existence is there. Reiki is also an amalgamation of these 7 colours. These 7 colours are also the colours of our chakras. Basically, the colours have been taken from rainbow that is ‘VIBGYOR’- meaning colours of earth. But the main thing to ponder upon is that do these colours have any meaning to our physical function or do they come into our life through energy centers? let us understand.

Basically, reiki helps in boosting the chakras in our body and when these chakras are strengthened, the colours associated with these chakras starts working automatically. Each colour has its own importance like


Is the heart chakra, also known as AnahatachakraThis chakra means healing and helps in compassion, energizing others, love and all the feelings that is connected with the heart.


This is the Manipura chakra/Solarplexus . This is the combinationof experience, positive use of power, manifestation of goals.


This is the sacral/Svadhistana chakra, associated with all creation. This is the center of devotion, innocence and wonder.


This is the root/ Muladhara chakra which is at the base of the spine. This is the energy centerwhich helps us to root with everything associated with the earth.

We attain complete energy when all these colours of chakras are activated and Reiki helps in that. When we completely devote ourselves to reiki then we are able to see things in a different way altogether. We can deal with many problems in our body. So, we can say that reiki helps in achieving what we desire and fill our life with all the vibrant colours like colours of Holi.

BY: Spiritual Healer and Counsellor Kailash Rohida

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